Winter holiday on the Seiser Alm

Surrounded by well-groomed slopes and the gentle magic of winter

A winter holiday on the Seiser Alm is a holiday overflowing with variety. As soon as the first snow falls on the mountain plateau, an atmosphere that is nigh on magical reigns all around. The crystal-clear mountain air and deep blue skies tempt you out to swing your way down the slopes on skis or enjoy a leisurely winter snowshoes or tour ski expedition. Or it might be a romantic horse and carriage ride through the glittering countryside, or all the fun of a sledging party… whatever you choose, here on the Seiser Alm everybody is guaranteed to find their perfect winter activity in the heart of the beautiful Dolomites.

Never less than a hand’s breadth of snow beneath your skis

A few minutes is all it take to get from our hotel to the Florian lift, where perfectly-groomed slopes with plenty of variety for all levels are waiting for you to explore… And no matter whether you’re speeding down the slopes or wending your way leisurely through the powdery snow, you’ll always find your way to the perfect place for a break and a hot cup of tea in the rustic atmosphere of a mountain hut.

Gliding through the countryside and enjoying the views

In the world of winter sports, cross-country skiing has picked up in popularity immensely over the last few years. The Seiser Alm and surrounding area boast a large network of cross-country trails covering 26 different routes. One of these trails leads directly past our hotel, providing guests with an outstanding opportunity to enjoy all the ease and fun of cross-country skiing at the foot of the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto.

Sledging down the slopes

It’s not just for kids: Sledging is an honest-to-goodness sport, and an immensely popular one with all ages. There’s nothing like racing down the variety-packed slopes with the wind in your face to make you feel alive. And in the midst of such beautiful countryside, it’s one of the best ways to feel the true spirit of a Seiser Alm winter.

Tromping leisurely through the crisp snow

Far from the hustle and bustle of the ski resorts: A leisurely snowshoe expedition is the perfect way to slow down and experience winter and all the many facets of the wintry countryside. Just stop for a moment, breathe in the fresh mountain air and bring balance to your body and soul in steady, even steps.

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